Never again buy another luminaire!

In the context of NOW! we offer you light as a service. You will receive the best light to perform your tasks, without having to buy any luminaires or having to take care of their operation. Your benefits compared to traditional luminaire purchase at a glance:

Every day counts …

The day after tomorrow
Conventional Electricity costs
... doing nothing is expensive.

Not only electricity is getting more expensive every year; maintenance costs are also increasing. Every day an obsolete lighting system is operating it causes unnecessary extra costs - through excessive electricity consumption, high failure rates and high maintenance costs.

Use it instead of wasting it!

Tomorrow With NOW! agreement
The day after tomorrow After expiry of the NOW! agreement
Conventional Today’s electricity costs
NOW! Rate Regular payment
LED Future electricity costs
Profit Immediate / future cost savings
NOW! Light that pays for itself.

With NOW! you are choosing an attractive complete package: Switching to an advanced lighting solution with efficient LED luminaires and intelligent lighting control will not cost you even one extra euro. You need not take care of the exchange of the luminaires nor of the commissioning or maintenance of the system. Far from it: you can even use part of the electricity costs saved in order to reduce your current operating costs immediately.

No cost, no risk!

Are you wasting your money?

Practical example

Prior to conversion

Old lighting system
€ 31,666 operating costs / year

100 luminaires, HQL with conventional ballast 400W
480 W installed load / luminaire
48 kW installed load / total

After conversion

New lighting solution
€ 16,222 operating costs/year

100 luminaires, CRAFT 280 W
280 W installed load / luminaire
28  kW installed load / total

Prior to conversion

Old lighting system
€ 111,606 operating costs/year

750 luminaires, 2/58 T28
124 W installed load / luminaire
93 kW installed load / total

After conversion

New lighting solution
€ 51,696 operating costs/year

750 luminaires, LED I/75W, 105 lm/W
63 W installed load / luminaire
47  kW installed load / total

Thoroughly carefree.

Right from the start, we will organise the entire renovation of your lighting system. You can focus on your business, we take care of the light.

A NOW! expert will visit your company and record the key data of the existing lighting installation. The Quick Scan provides a first glance of potential savings in your company.

After having agreeed upon a joint declaration of intent, lighting, electrical, installation and maintenance experts will prepare a comprehensive specification and a detailed design schedule for implementation of an individual NOW! solution.

A NOW! agreement comprises all areas: skilled staff will take care of the disassembly and disposal of the old luminaires and lamps; they will deliver and install the new lighting system and commission the same.

The full-service package comprises the servicing of the system throughout the contract term, including all maintenance and repair work.

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